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Friday, 28 April 2017


...that 'necessary' process when osteoarthritis has been declared.

Musculoskeletal Assessment ''Service'' which in old 'money' is physiotherapy.

Begins with GP referral which is both frustrating and laughable.

Form duly completed by me at the surgery and left for processing. Feb. 3rd

Nothing heard from MCAS until Feb. 28th

Letter informing / instructing me to phone up and make appt.

Then all went pear-shaped.

Person on other end said I'd been taken off the referral list because I had not replied within the fortnight!

Obviously MCAS have a different time-zone.

Letter dated 22nd Feb. received 28th Feb, post-marked 27th Feb - go figure! 

Eventually after much argy-bargy I was given an appt April 10th which turned out to be 45 mins of 'grilling' going thro' a long drawn-out form on computer. Followed by another appt. on April 24th. The later was more ridiculous...trying to get someone the osteoarthritis to do moves as tho' there is no deformity of the hip and no pain. 

Then she added insult to injury by talking thro' recommended exercises and providing me with booklets even tho' I already had downloaded them. Make another appt. for three weeks time? I offered to bow out, but she was insistent.

I am far from sanguine about the outcome...

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

It's history

When a conversation turns into an impromptu history lesson.

Chatting earlier today we both went back down memory lane with Andy who must be only late 20s at the most. We were talking car registrations, it being that time of year when the new 17 plates come out. 

Both of use could remember our first car reg but nothing much after that. Mine was BFM which a friend suggested stood for Bl**dy fine motor. Fine it was not, but I learnt to drive with it and happily drove in the opposite direction to most of the rush hour traffic that was stop-go into the city as I drove out.

This led eventually to my Marina, not so much as vehicle but welding practice. With a rotten floor that we replaced with pieces of dexion shelving welded into place. A front wing that ended up more 'cocky' as in body-filler than metal. Then I remembered the Marina had drum breaks. we checked them by removal, placing in a large pan on the stove and heating to reveal any cracks.  

Safer modern vehicles have disc brakes all round.

I was hankering after another Yaris until I found out that it still has drum breaks on the back. Also as himself remarked he'd feel happier with more metal to the 'box'.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

going against the grain

Mothering Sunday has nothing whatsoever to do with the saccharine Hallmark fest.

Nauseating is the word of choice.

True my long-time friend of more than half a century is and has been a terrific mother. Something that seemed to come to her naturally.

But Sunday as in Mothering Sunday has always been in praise of the Mother Church! Nothing whatsoever to do with sprogging and coping with dirty nappies, feeding one end of the digestive tract and cleaning up the other.

There, I've said it, I've acknowledged the elephant in the room.

To indulge in a mothering one has to have had a baked apple pie caring, hugging and in all ways delightful mother.

There are those whose mothers were just the opposite. Cleaning the house maniacally and thereby making everyone uncomfortable. Two-faced liars putting up a front of congeniality for the rest of the world whilst making family life uncomfortable and threatening. Throwing treasured items away or disposing of them at a whim. Ruining meals and insisting they be eaten. An endless list...

Monday, 20 March 2017

St. Paddy's Day

I'm lucky to have made several journeys to the Emerald Isle as in to Dublin the capital. Suddenly, I had an invite to fill in on an already booked trip. Naturally I agreed. That's how I came to fly to Dublin on the evening of the 14th March and return on the evening of the 18th. Not only did I spend time in Dublin, I also went to another Saw Doctors concert at the Olympia. The last time I saw then was at the same venue.

Usually the hotel of choice is the Beresford, formerly the Isaacs near Garda central and the Busaras. Travel from Dublin airport into the city has been altered by the new tunnel which means entering the city along the banks of the River Liffey.

This time with it being close to Paddy's Day hotel accommodation was at a premium. The Beresford being already fully booked we found ourselves residing in Wynn's Hotel circa 1921. fantastic hotel redolent with history.
"Wynn's Hotel is steeped in History - built in 1845, bombed during the 1916 rising and rebuilt in 1921 using mass concrete, the only building in Dublin to do so at this time."

Wow what a difference, with a concierge at the entrance and service par excellence. No idea of the cost as it had already been booked for someone else who was not able to go.

Favourite hostelries
Madigans - Abbey St. across from the hotel
Robert Reade

Not forgetting the Luas (tram) which knocks all others into the proverbial cocked hat. Bought a 7-day pass so we had freedom to use the Luas whenever necessary. Bonus being it stopped near the hotel.