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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

February 2009

began with warnings of severe weather particularly for SE England. Commentators remarking on the 'worst snow for 18 years' and the number of school closures.

1963 winter was much more severe, the River Ribble froze; I walked there with Dad to watch people on the ice; including a professional ice skater.

Schools remained open, I walked to school thro' lanes and streets banked up with snow.

No-one considered staying home even when they had to dig themselves out of their houses.

Steam trains kept running, Beeching hadn't yet axed most of the lines.
Moving on to grammar school, they too remained open throughout snowy winters. Anyone local remained in class, whilst those bussed in were sent home.

Mid 1970s at college in Liverpool, trudged along Queens Drive through the snow to attend early morning lectures, only to find them cancelled.

The school I worked in 1975-2002 also refused to close in winter. One memorable occasion, the heating failed, pupils were sent home, yet the Head insisted staff stay at work.

Staff were obliged to report to work whatever the weather on penalty of retribution by the Head .

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Pamela said...

There wasn't much snow where I grew up - so I have no memories of walking to school in the snow. (Maybe because they DID close if we had a cold wintery blast.)