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Monday, 13 April 2009

Fun Monday

Yes, I dream but rarely remember apart from the first few moments after I awake. For many years there was a recurring dream, probably a result of visits to the dentist as a child. In those days preventative dentistry did not exist; it was gas + extractions. There was no escape. I can still feel, smell and taste the rubber mask + gas they used.
My dream/nightmare? A conveyor belt of teeth seen between glowing red bars!

After my father passed away, there was another, vivid recurring dream, a much pleasanter one. It seemed to me I was home with him in a variety of pleasant situations, so life-like as to appear tangible. Sun-shining, warm with gentle breezes and the pair of us content in each other's company. Him pottering around the garden and greenhouse with my younger self for company.


Molly said...

Your one dream is scary, and the other dream is so pleasant. The dreams of your father seem like a way of keeping in touch or at least keeping in touch with those fond memories.

Sayre said...

Scary dentist dream. The dentist has never bothered me except that they're so darned expensive - even with insurance. I haven't been in 20 years!

Your father dreams are much nicer. Very calm and restful. It may be his way of staying with you.

Lil Mouse said...

i didnt know you had signed up--but glad you played along..