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Friday, 18 December 2009

hooray for neighbour!

Today, we can't get out of our driveway as it's blocked by workmen, lorries and plant (diggers, pneumatic drill n big whizzy).
Am I upset? Not in the slightest. Why? Cos they are doing a repair that's been needed for years n years.

Quite a while ago the council had our pavements dug up and replaced. At that time we complained about the way ours had been done. Sloping in all directions with odd cambers. Council came to inspect n said it was 'within' accepted tolerances! Friend with Health n Safety qualifications disagreed. Council adamant 'nothing wrong'.

Moving on a few years, neighbour who has recently lost most of her sight thro' diabetes, stumbled n fell. She reported the incident. Now, we are getting the pavement modified. What a pity the Council didn't rectify the problem earlier!

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