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Friday, 15 January 2010

Lil Mouse Fun Monday topic

This week?s Fun Monday post will be about chores. What is your least favorite chore? Vacuum get you down? Dust bunnies saying, ?oh yeah, you and what army?? Is there a chore that you neglect doing it until the absolute last minute when guests arrive? Do you just pray they won?t look ?there?? Are you going green with your cleaning? Top tips? If you have any ideas for anyone on Monday, post them in their comment box, because we all know that we LOVE comments!

No-one comments when 'tis done, only when it 'needs' doing!
With 2 German Shepherd Dogs adding to the mess, it'd drive me berserk if I attempted to be house proud.

I like the saying: "Dull women have immaculate houses."
Another saying I like is: "Take me as you find me!"

Okay, my house is my home first and foremost. A place to welcome, care for and nurture those who live here and those that come here. Clean enough to be healthy but not squeaky clean.

As for cleaning methods? There's a lovely online store "Lakeland" cram full of ideas, so yes, I have eco-friendly cleaning stuff.

White vinegar, lemon juice + water work well; but I also use other traditional ideas.


Lil Mouse said...

Good to know I'm not dull. I don't think there's anything actually clean in my house, except maybe our clothing! It will be fun to see if many people agree, or if we all let things slide! My parents have had dogs in house and it is terribly hard to keep clean with all the fur flying! thanks for playing!

Molly said...

I think that you have healthy attitude as well as a healthy home.

Sayre said...

I discovered the many ways to use vinegar and lemon juice by watching "How Clean is Your House?" on BBC America. My cleaning regmine has simplified enormously!

Pamela said...

I remember all the hair congregating in corners and along the wall when I had my beautiful dog.

But he was very good about cleaning up any spills and food that tipped onto the floor. Especially when grandkids were around.

The Church Lady said...

I agree with you, I surface clean most of the time and pick up and tidy up when I need to. Cleaning is over rated! lol

Gerald said...

Having pets that shed makes keeping a clean house much harder. Been there done that. All pets are gone now and my work is so much easier. Thanks for sharing n happy FM I am hosting next week come sign up on wed.

joangee said...

Thank you everyone for being so kind. I was worried in case I upset any cleanaholics LOL

wendishness said...

That's the way it should be Joany, best way to look at it, and especially with pets (big dogs too).

ChrisB said...

White vinegar is v. good. I love Lakeland although cleaning items are not always my top priority LOL!

All the hair and dirt is the only thing I don't miss about my collie but it was a small price for such a brilliant companion. I still miss her after 17 years.