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Friday, 19 March 2010

glorious sunshine

This week the weather has been kind to us. Lots of bright sunshine, no rain. Perfect opportunity to try my hand at photography.
One day was particularly sunny and warm without a lazy wind to chill the air.

By afternoon the crocuses were a blaze of colour and 'alive' with honeybees.

Now my blog has photos to mark the event.

What a lovely hint of Spring!
Some mark the 21st of March (equinox) as the 'first day of Spring'.
The more prosaic Met Office in the UK counts 1st March as the start of Spring. For them, the seasons run in three-monthly cycles.
March thro' May - Spring
June thro' August - Summer
September thro' November - Autumn
December thro' February - Winter

Mother Nature has other ideas and does her own thing!

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