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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Debs Fun Monday

Debs of 1crazystitcher says: We all eat it. We all have the kind we like and the kind we dislike. What are some of your favorite foods? Which food do you find disgusting? Have a recipe you want to share?

Been off-line for fortnight so late catching up/joining in. Thank you to Debs for setting our topic this week.
Fave foods? All the stuff that's a moment on the lips but lifetime on your hips, of course...
Just returned from the West Country where Cornish clotted cream comes from. (licks lips)
Yes, I can now buy it at home, but it's too tempting.
Recipe (courtesy of himself) (quick n easy)
Fresh raspberries, Vanilla ice cream and pouring cream layered in a sundae glass. Topped off
with Cointreau.

Another ice-cream fave is Vanilla ice cream, cream with Advocaat.
Yes, I like my ice cream with a drop of something alcoholic but not too much.

The 'yucky' 'disgusting' category has got to be dessicated coconut! Fresh coconut from the shell is delicious, creamed coconut goes well in curry and Thai food.

Other yucky foods include rabbit, frogs legs and things in shells such as whelks and mussels.

No pix or photies today, my cameras have yet to be unpacked.

Happy Fun Monday everyone!

Debs now has a new Fun Monday blog

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Jan n Jer said...

Oh my! clotted cream on top of a warm scone...nothing better. YUM