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Friday, 2 September 2011


Earlier in the year I received an email from someone trying to get in touch. Being rather wary of 'bolts from the blue' I mulled it over before replying. Months passed and no other contact so it went to the back of my mind as such things do.
August and another email this time with more detail - the daughter of a friend of my father, who'd been best man at his wedding. So now my curiousity piqued. Sent replies and received none, but the correspondent had set a deadline for the end of August.
Time to practise web searches and I found some details, address and phone number that seemed to fit the bill. Phoned the other week and no answer, so I determined to have one last go and then forget about it.
August 31st and I phoned the number...someone answered...but the connection kept failing. Tried by landline and 'success' she was who she said she was!
Yesterday evening she phoned and we spent over an hour chatting.
So now my very sparse personal history has fewer gaps...
And still her words resound in my consciousness...

1 comment:

Joy said...

Oh, how lovely! No wonder your head is spinning . . .

J xxx