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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Deja vu

It must be because I have reached a certain time in life that I get an increasing sense of deja vu...
Recently a TV presenter was complimented on her apparel...but to me it seemed nothing new...just a reappearance of a style by Mary Quant.
Now there are reports of hosepipe bans and what 'to do'.

In certain water company areas: Anglian Water, Southern Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Thames Water, Veolia Central and Veolia Water East, hosepipes may no longer br used for
• Watering your garden
• Cleaning a private vehicle, taxi or minicab
• Watering plants 
• Cleaning a private leisure boat
• Filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool
• Domestic recreational use
• Filling or maintaining a domestic pond using (unless it has fish – see below)
• Filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain – including those powered by a pump.
• Cleaning walls, or windows, patios, paths, garden furniture or any other outdoor artificial surface

At times like this it's good to live in the wetter west...
And I've been thro' all this before...
May 1975 - August 1976 - when you were a good citizen if your vehicle was covered in grime, showing it had not been washed.
Standpipes were erected in some areas and people queued to use them.
A minister encouraged people to 'bath with a friend'.
Standpipes reappeared in some areas in the 1995 drought.

So, 2012 is another 'drought year'... Hey ho history repeating...
Whilst water companies continue to lose thousands of litres of water thro' leakages...
People 'insist' on being profligate with water...showering several times a day, wearing clothing once before washing (some even wash articles that have only been tried on). 
Water usage increases, so does wastage...

It used to rile me when camping in Cornwall with notices everywhere saying to 'Save Water!' to notice how many people turned taps on and left them running (teeth cleaning)...

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