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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

All the to-do and fuss about 60 years has set me thinking. So, too has an online conversation I've been having about sewing machines.

Junior the time we'd reached the 11+ class my hand sewing skills were at their best. The last project was an apron. How boring some might think...
Age 11 and our aprons were cut out, hemmed, pleated and embroidered by hand. I no longer have mine, nor any image apart from my mind's eye. But, the hemming was so fine, that the teacher thought I hadn't done the seam until she tried to move it and actually apologised...something quite unheard of, hence it stuck in my memory.

The embroidery was in a band across the bottom just up from the hem and some 6 inches deep. A work of art if I say so myself.

On to grammar school where we were taught to use sewing machines.

First the hand machine and then the treadle. I grew to love using the latter. 

Electric machines? There was one at home which my mother insisted on teaching me to use.


Sayre said...

My mom had a treadle machine for a while and I just LOVED using it! It sets a rhythm that just lets you know you're getting things done.

I wish there were hand-sewing classes still. My eyes aren't what they used to be but I really do enjoy sewing that way (and it's portable!).

joanygee said...

I had to give up up hand sewing. I much prefer knitting and crochet. Thanks for dropping by.