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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Apres nous le deluge

is what happened on the 1980s...
Politicians discovered a new toy to play with - the lives of children and teachers aka social engineering. 

Our acting Head was replaced by a new broom who arrived convinced he needed to stamp his authority on the place.
Unfortunately, it soon became a chalk-face rumour that was a 'wooden top'. 
Who or what were Wooden tops? A children's puppet series on TV. 

Another unfortunate coincidence was that he wore a mack, and on TV at the time there was the Colombo series also a cartoon about a character known as 'inch-high private eye'.
So to children and staff alike he became as 'Colombo'.
On of the most likable members of the English staff managed to escape to another post. His leaving do was held in the staff room. Prior to the arrival of the new head, it had been used for staff junketing after hours. Each year they held a 'Meet the new teachers' evening to welcome newbies and help them to settle in. Now Mr. P was leaving and he'd composed a leaving song the the tune of the Eaton boating song. It's many years ago, but I remember everyone ending up 'in bulk' with tears of laughter. The refrain was 'It seems to me; it's true to say' and the verses were peppered with other phrases typical of the new head. 
One Department voted 11 to 1 against something the head suggested; so the department forced to implement the new idea was that one.

Throughout the 80s various edicts came down from government. Social engineering carried on a-pace and continues to this day.

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