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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Keeping cool - aka Fun Monday

Fun Monday for July 14th:
We're now mid-way through what most people think of as summer. What's your favorite way to keep cool?

Today, we went out and bought a replacement fan. Unlike other Fun Monday folk here in the UK we hardly ever get really high temperatures even in Summer.

Yesterday, for that was when this missive began, everyone felt enervated. Why? Well, the thermometer had reached 25C. Next week, south-east England might reach the dizzy heights of 30C.

Now, I know to some folk (Australia and the US) it would be nothing to write home about. In fact, I was reading just the other day that an Aussie friend was finding it difficult to cope with the 'cold' and her friends were in agreement. 18C and they were hunting for scarves and gloves!

I digress, in order to cope with 25C we employed our dehumidifiers and rotating fan at night in search of sleep. 

At teatime we enjoyed the typically English favourite dessert of strawberries, ice cream and cream (delicious). 

So, the doors and windows are open in the hope of a through it rained and at least made the air feel fresher. But, of course we shall enjoy our summer dessert treat later on. None the less, the dehumidifiers and fan will hopefully make things more pleasant tonight.

Quoting Dylan Thomas
“The sun declared war on the butter; and the butter ran.” 

July 17 th

Sweltering? - in temperatures of 25+ C

The Met Office has declared a Level 2 health alert to run through to Sunday morning.

The warning is triggered when the Met Office forecasts there is a 60% or higher chance of temperatures being high enough on at least two consecutive days and the intervening night to have a significant effect on health.


Sayre said...

I would so love to live somewhere where it didn't get so hot! And that bugs weren't an issue. I visited my grandmother in Wales one summer a few years back - and she had her windows standing wide open! Lovely breeze but I noticed that there were no screens on them. When asked, she told me that bugs weren't a problem. That's a totally foreign concept to me - here, bugs are ALWAYS a problem!

I also appreciate the coolness and freshening of the air that comes with a rain, but it only lasts a little while because when it stops (here, anyway), then the steam sets in and it feels hotter and muggier than before...

joanygee said...

Except in late August, bugs tend not to be much of a problem. The only noticeable ones are the flying ants. So happy to be somewhere with few creepy-crawlies.