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Monday, 1 September 2014

September, I'll remember...

So goes  familiar song from Simon and Garfunkel. 

September 1st and the start of another year for my teacher friend. I wish her well.

Once again the media is full of yet more government interference in education; my goodness, how they love their social engineering! 

I am thankful to have the inestimable benefit of retirement. Part of me still wonders how those returning to the 'chalk-face' continue to cope with the overwhelming burden of management directives. Teaching is hard enough without those whose education bears no resemblance to anything they inflict on children today. 

Cynical, that's me...whenever these initiatives are enforced

The guy fronting the initiative in the media...

Nick Gibb was born in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

  •  educated at the Maidstone Grammar School, Kent
  • Roundhay School, Leeds
  • Thornes House School, Wakefield
  •  College of St Hilda and St Bede at the University of Durham
  •  received a Bachelor of Arts degree in law in 1981.
Therefore, he's from the generation of 'O' levels and 'A' levels, pre- GCSE which was introduced mid 1980s.

Whenever these initiatives are brought in, money has to be spent on resources. Someone authorises companies to do training, publishers bring out new textbooks and in these days, new computer software for schools.

The burden on teachers is to use an American expression 'ramped up'. No-one takes into account the endless hours teachers put in to getting ready to face the challenges, or the increasing stress levels.



Joy said...

Thanks, Joan. :-)
J x

Sayre said...

It is much the same here. I remember when I was in school, my parents moaning about the "new Math" when asked for homework help. These days, parents moan about "common core" math - which changes almost yearly. It's like they're trying to find the most convoluted way to add, subtract, multiply and divide. And if you know the answer, you still have to "show your work" in the style THEY have established (which makes absolutely no sense to me). Makes me very glad that I am not a teacher!