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Friday, 3 October 2014

Fridays n Saturdays

have become Tai Chi mornings with the Happy Healthy Hearts Group. It makes a useful preparation for the more 'advanced' Saturday morning classes. The ladies of HHH are a lovely bunch, but do not take themselves seriously where Tai Chi is concerned. For them it is more about a social gathering with time to chat before, and afterwards over tea or coffee.

Saturday's group is far more serious and sometimes includes folk with Tai Chi qualifications at various levels. There's always a lot more to learn on a Saturday.

This Friday afternoon was lovely and sunny, and there was a phonecall from a neighbour with an invite to coffee and a chat. 

I've recently begun to carry on with my OU studies. Now I have a tutor who uses a local venue for tutorials and his email was most welcoming. He included info about what would be covered by the first tutorial. It's going to be a bit of a wrench, but once a month a tutorial will replace Saturday Tai Chi.

At Tai chi earlier (Sat. morning) I found out there's no session next Saturday. All the advanced practitioners are going to a seminar.

Advanced students do 'weapons' training, I'm happy just to learn the Old Form. Perhaps, but I've no idea when, I might some day join them. 

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