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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Thinking ahead and thinking about the past

Tomorrow there will be an eclipse, the first over the UK since 1999. Chatting online about it brought back memories.

Cornwall, 1999 we had a caravan at a campsite apparently on the 'best line' for the eclipse. It was somewhere we knew well, having 'escaped' there for holidays over several years. We'd got to know both the local area and quite a few of the local people who had become our friends. Evenings were spent at the new 'Geevor Club', and on Sundays we went to lunch with the Club Steward at her house.

In 'preparation' for the eclipse, the committee had decided to let folk camp around the football field in an attempt to get more revenue. As usually happened down there, it was left up to Shirley to cope and to run everything. 

We were at the campsite as the eclipse began, we strolled into the big field whist most folk climbed the Carn in an attempt to gain a better view. The famous astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore was with BBC outside broadcasting at Marazion. Unfortunately, the local weather failed to con-operate, it clouded over and local mist came in.

The air  became still as the breeze dropped away, everywhere became colder and silent.
Looking back up the Carn, we noticed lots of flashes as people made vain attempts to take photos. 

If 1999 was the good one; 2015 seemed a none event. The local press were in full cry about it, complete with photos. Here? Almost nothing apart from the various birds falling silent and returning to their nests or roosts. Was it totally silent? No, as the blues and twos did a merry 'chase' somewhere nearby. Probably yet another training session as this area forms part of on of their training grounds. There was even a plane that took off from a local airport. Memorable? Yes, but not for a celestial 'wonder', more like a damp squib.

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