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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wrecks, gravel banks and reporting

Today's news reported from the Irish Sea off Fleetwood. Apparently, drone footage had come across a 'new island'. News, as I keep on finding is nothing like real 'news' when there's nothing actually new about it. Gone are the days when it was expected that someone look up in the records to decide if a report concerned something new.

Those were the days of written documented records noted on cards which then led to the actual documents.  

Today, with the ability to search world-wide, finding information is far easier - a few key-strokes followed by the click of the mouse.

Recent report carried by local news on TV and in the press.

"A bank of shingle and stone has emerged from the sea and appears to be a permanent addition to the geography of the area."

However, a few key-strokes and clicks on the mouse later revealed...

Video footage from 2009
shows a lifeboat crew visiting the gravel bank.

A more truthful account states...

“Admiralty charts from 1700 show there has always been a bank which is called Kingscar Bank, but nothing has been visible like it is now.''

Image from 
The evolution of a coast-line, Barrow to Aberystwyth and the Isle of Man, with notes on lost towns, submarine discoveries (1920)

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