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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Spoilt rotten

Yesterday evening MJM went for a celebratory Chinese meal in Woolton. There's a restaurant on the High Street that's been run by the same family for many years.

My neighbours had decided we had a good reason to celebrate as according to them, I've now joined the Silver Threads like them.

They'd planned the meal. Over the years we've refined our menu choices and opt for the Early Bird menu. Mavis is on a restricted diet, yet allows herself a few what she calls 'naughties' when dining out. We used to have duck with pancakes etc. but Marilyn had decided it was not for her. We'd taken to having dry spare ribs instead as none of us like the sauce that usually accompanies the ribs. 

When they chose the banquet including duck, I queried it and ingenuous as ever, Mavis said she and I like it and we'd order spare ribs for Marilyn.

The meal progressed, the staff know Mavis well as she goes there fairly regularly with different sets of friends. 

We began with chicken and mushroom soup. Nothing unusual you may think, apart from it not being on the menu. None of us drink alcohol with the meal so they lalways provide a jug of iced water (without charge).

Next, we each choose a different dish that we like. Typically, Marilyn hardly touched hers and asked for a 'doggy bag'. That way she has her Chinese meal at home the next day.

As I was looking in my handbag to pay my portion of the bill, Mavis dropped the 'bombshell'. They were paying the bill for me! 

How lovely to have such thoughtful, caring friends.

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