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Sunday, 15 July 2018

West Riding, Derbyshire, Hants and Middlesex

Take a family of textile workers in the West Riding. One son rather than follow into the textile trade becomes a joiner. Cyrus became a skilled wood-worker craftsman. For no apparent reason he moves to and settles in Derbyshire where he sets up in business and employs several workers. His younger brother joins him from the W. Riding.

Typically, families had a set of names that were passed down through the generations. In this family those names are

Cyrus - this name stands out as being a more unusual one.
I have traced the various people christened Cyrus from the West Riding via Derbyshire to Portsea and thence to London, Middx.

Cyrus Alfred born Portsea, Hampshire to Frederick (son of Cyrus from W. Riding) and his third, yes third wife Mary.

Wife #1 Sarah Ann - died

Wife #2 Rebecca -  married Frdk 1880
By 1891 Frdk has moved to Portsea, Hants.

Wife #3 Mary - widow already had 3 children from first marriage (Arthur, Ernest and Lionel)

Fred son of Frederick and Mary (Portsea)

Brother Walter, draughtsman worked at H. M. Portsmouth Dockyard.

When their father dies in 1925, Walter and Frederick inherit £1009 18s 10d.

Walter and Fred's brother Cyrus Alfred b. 1897 becomes well-known baritone and works in the theatre industry. Moves up to London to become theatre manager. Marries Bertha - a theatrical wig dresser.

Frederick - Cyrus' brother leaves W. Riding to follow Cyrus to Derbyshire. Leaves Derbyshire for America in 1857 only to perish a few years later in an accident.

Cyrus' son Frederick has family in Derbyshire and the 1881 census proves he is working in the family business.

However, by 1891 he's in Southsea where he lives until the end of his days. How or why he ended up leaving Derbyshire and creating his third family remains a mystery.

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