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Monday, 1 December 2008

blast from the past

Came across someone that I worked with during my days of torment in previous 'life'.
No idea why I 'let on' and said 'Hello'. guess I was being polite.

Well, I gained an update on the past nearly 7 years worth of what's been going on in that place and momentous changes are afoot for 2009.

The old place, scene and witness to my years of torment is to be closed and demolished in 2009. Two people I knew have lost their jobs completely, the head will not be in charge of the new site, but she still has her snout in the gravy trough/

Meanwhile, they are busy on a spending spree, using up funds on such things as a jolly to Iceland by a guy that was my junior and a proverbial waste of space. Politically correct sycophant with no knowledge of geology or of the physical side of Earth Sciences.

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