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Saturday, 6 December 2008

new for old!

Spent I don't know how long rejigging my home network.
Typically, did things back to front

It al began when OH bought me a new tower pc and snazzy monitor as early Xmas present.

Several hours/days or do I mean 'daze' later, I have started using new pc and monitor. My original 'work space' was too small, so OH has constructed a bespoke work surface which fits on top of the original desk. Now, I can view the 22 inch monitor from the proper distance.

However, the age and construction of the house have defeated modern technology. I cannot access the www from the new dining room! Wi-fi will not work and neither would using plug-in via the mains. Too many iron brick walls in the way. Also, this building has at least 3 separate ring mains.


john.g. said...


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

That sounds like it's gonna make things a lot easier for you. yay!

Mal :)

joangee said...

Oh I so wish! Now need more power sockets!
At least the puter is nice to use.