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Monday, 28 June 2010

Alas and alack

Fun Monday has ceased... Hope it'll reawaken, relaxed and rejuvenated some time in the future.
Guess with the summer weather (phew) and busy times folk are having difficulty blogging let alone participating in Fun Monday.
Hoping against hope to see FM back in it's rightful place after the summer???


Jan n Jer said...

It is sad to see FM end. But I am hoping it will reappear in the near future. I met alot of nice blogging buddies including yourself,through this fun meme. Maybe most of th players are just taking a break from playing. That is my case, some of the topics were being repeated and that happens when you've been playing for a while. Take care an I will be stopping by to visit here!

Faye said...

I agree. It seems that our normal FM group members are developing different blogging interests--photography, etc.--or just wanted to write posts on subjects that were not so FM suitable. Plus, as you say, not blogging quite as much in the summer months. Maybe one of us will propose a revival in the fall.

In the meantime, I hope to keep in touch by visiting FM bloggers any way. Have a relaxing summer and take care.

joangee said...

I hope we'll all keep in touch in the meantime (smile). I know summer months are busy and I have less time to spend at the keyboard. It's been delightful to meet up with such a lovely group of people and learn about happenings in other places.