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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


June is the month for fresh strawberries. They grow unhindered, allowed to roam freely through the rose beds. Fewer fall prey to birds and slugs than if they had their own patch. The downside being you need to be careful when harvesting or you end up with hands/arms full of thorns.
This year with the prolonged sunny weather after copious rainfall has been ideal growing weather. Far too many strawberries to eat fresh...but I won't freeze them as to me it's such a waste.

Instead, I got out the rumtopf and layered alternate 1lb strawbs /cane sugar then filled with dark rum. Covered to prevent access by flies and made sure the fruits were well immersed in the rum.

Leave for a minimum of 3 months, top up with fresh fruit such as nectarine slices and more rum if required. My intention is to wait until Christmas before sampling the resulting rich liqueur. Some people remove the fruit and dispose of it! Daft thing to do as it makes a base for very alcoholic trifles and other fruit desserts.


Jan n Jer said...

Now that sounds very interesting...and delicious too!

joangee said...

Worth trying...any soft fruits will do, but those with stones must be sliced/de-stoned.
I keep topping mine up over the summer with fruits such as raspberries and blackberries.