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Thursday, 21 October 2010

cold callers

Folk, usually salespeople calling at the door unannounced and unwanted...

Today, a young person arrived probably 20 something. She was polite, and wanted to ask if we'd consider having a new roof...?
I pointed at the roof and told her 'it's new'.
She said she thought it had been colour-washed and was it 'Marley'?

I struggled to keep a straight face...and replied 'it's proper tiles, Rosemaries' and that 'it'll see us out'.
Digging a metaphorically deeper hole for herself, she asked if we had any flat roofs needing repair. I told her that I wouldn't have one if she paid me.

Needless to say she didn't get any sales from us.

Told D and we both laughed for quite a while...


Jan n Jer said...

You gotta give her credit for trying ...but she should have been more educated about roofs before she went out there. I love when they call you right at the dinner hour. How rude!!!!

joangee said...

Yes, she obviously hadn't got a clue! lol