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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Faye's Fun Monday topic

Please share your three favorite ways of procrastinating. Is your plan for time management similar to Maxine's? Or, do you have other strategies for putting off that work equally well?

"Work is great...I can sit and watch it all day"  was on one of my favourite posters in my room at college.
I admit to living in 'organised chaos' ...

I love reading, photography, listening to music, knitting, crochet and surfing the Web.
Like Faye, I find myself visiting social networking sites. The OU (Open University) has it's own social network of online student groups. I'm a regular participant in the conversations at the 'Dog House' where we share latest news of our canine companions.

As you might guess each passtime is a good way to procrastinate. Sorry Faye, I'm such a good procrastinater, I have many ways of avoiding chores.

When I first retired, my favourite way of procrastinating was to sleep. Even today there are times when sleep feels overwhelming.


Jan n Jer said...

They all sound like great ways to procrastinate. Being retired allows you to procrastinate whenever you want!

joangee said...

Very true! Even now I'm tempted to think there's always another day to do something,