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Friday, 3 February 2012

As the weatherman said...

There's a large area of high pressure over Russia, Scandinavia and central Europe. It's so large and such a heavy airmass it could stay for a while.
So, Jack Frost is here to stay for a while. Not only nipping at fingers and toes, but jamming locks and making it treacherous underfoot. On a brighter note...tis a lovely, sunny day!

Dear Mr. Weatherman, I know you have forecast snow for overnight, please let it pass by and head further inland.


Joy said...

Oh, I really love ther snow and am hoping we get some. However, I don;lt feel mean because all the wishing and wanting in the world won;t change whether it snows or not.
Stay safe . . .

J x

joanygee said...

No worries, Joy as you are far more likely to be inundated by the white stuff than me. One advantage of being west of the Pennines and near the coast is infrequent snowfall. Jx

Joy said...

This is true. We rarely get much either, but it is forecast for tonight.
J x