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Thursday, 4 October 2012

New term - new course

Studies with the OU continue apace thanks to transitional arrangements. Having been a student under the original fees regime, I do not have to pay the grossly inflated prices forced on others.
I love studying, it keeps the old grey cells from degenerating with aging. 
Previously, I did SD226 Biological Psychology. Okay, so afterwards I vowed 'never again'. But, time marches on an experiences fade, and the OU develop new attractive courses whose descriptions whet the appetite for study.
So, here I am at the commencement of SDK228 - 
The Science of the Mind - Investigating Mental Health.
The first eTMA (electronic Tutor Marked Assignment) is due to be submitted online no later than noon on 29th November. 
Biopsychosociology - or looking at how biology, psychology and sociology play a part in mental health.

Reading blogs by by online friends, I've noticed that some seem to be coming down regularly with aches and pains, a sense of being 'under the weather' often accompanied by sore throat, sniffles and the like.

With my learning hat on my mind began to wonder about my online friends and their recurring 'not very well' postings.
Because in recent study using readings, audio and video I've been looking at 'depression', 
stress and how flu-like symptoms can be linked to biology, psychology and sociology (somatisation).

People can think they have flu-like symptoms and lay the blame on increased contact with people of all ages. It's tempting to think that the symptoms have arisen through being at work. They can, and do, but Not because of the germ 'soup' of the working environment. Rather the imposition of yet more and more 'must do', must be 'seen to do' tasks. Onerous, time-consuming and seemingly never-ending. Add on extra layers such as observation, assessment, time constraints as well as simply doing the job...?

Those recurring bouts of flu-like 'virus', headaches, sore throats are the body and brain attempting to tell the person 'enough'! Be more kind to yourself.
Learn how to say 'Yes, But...' instead of acquiescence when someone tasks you with yet more burdens on your 'willing' shoulders.    
Refrain from taking on more and more 'must do this', 'must do'...
Your well-being, is under threat - the longer and greater stresses become...


Sayre said...

I think the girl across teh hall from me has done this. She is ALWAYS here, always busy and never seems to have a life of her own. Last week with two major political events, one 1/2 hour TV show (she's a producer), and me asking her for information for a report (which I still don't have) - she fell hard. Sneezing, coughing, losing her voice, headache... She made it through Thursday and hasn't been seen since. Classic example of does-too-much!!! I stay busy and sometimes exhausted but I do exercise my "NO" from time to time. Rarely sick and I sleep really well when tired. Something I've learned in my 50 years. Girl across the hall needs to learn this!!!!

joanygee said...

Thank you for stopping by Sayre. Sorry I've taken so long to acknowledge.