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Sunday, 15 September 2013

As broad as it is long

Waking early, switched on the radio knowing sleep had fled I found myself listening to diverse channels.

Radio 5 live dumbing down for the masses engaging in lads chat. Puerile to say the least; with the 'presenter' in adoration of the sound of his own voice. [cringe-worthy]

Radio 4 extra ah, now there at last is hope of something to listen to. The last part of 'The Charm Factory' set in London 1953; apparently based on the Rank Charm School.
Before the next programme aired I hastened to change stations.

Morning Reports on 5 live and a story about a name:
Ms Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele
 It made a great piece of reporting and can be found here.

Being Sunday it's fine to allow oneself a lie-in. Especially when the weathermen have been issuing dire warnings ahead of today's weather.

Back to radio 4 and Broadcasting House. Not a patch on its earlier incarnation with Eddie Mair (1998-2003).

Now for the Hawaiian name connection. Radio 5 live had found an interview with the owner of the long name. So, no need to attempt pronunciation, just play her pronouncement. Problem solved. No such journalistic nous for radio 4. Broadcasting House took delight in airing a news reader making a valiant attempt and when compared with the original most commendable. Kudos to the Radio 5 live news team.

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