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Monday, 9 September 2013

Tonic sol-fa

Reading a blog post from a lovely click of the mouse friend, I find she's been learning to sing. Almost instantly the memory banks brought up a scene from junior school days. Must have been when I was 9 or 10. We were drilled in the tonic sol-fa and although it seemed a tough ask at first became easier with more practice. The teacher turned it into a challenge as she told/showed us to go thro' leaping Doh-Soh and many other combinations. She gave us all a good grounding.

It made music lessons at grammar school with the music master more enjoyable as those from local junior schools were already ahead of some from other schools. It was a sad day when our music teacher left us to teach in the other local school. But it's so long ago that although I can picture her and her lessons I no longer know her name.

As for the berries? After the prolonged fine weather this year the rowan is making a lovely display.

The pear and apple trees did not like the hot weather. This is the only decent looking pear.


Joy said...

But what a beautiful pear it looks!
J x

Sayre said...

I love your garden shots. Though it is the only one, your pear is lovely!

Singing... More than just opening your mouth and making noise!

Joy said...

I remember a tutor at college trying to teach us tonic sol-fa. As I was as pretty good at sight singing naturally, all it did was confuse me! French rhythm names now - quite a different kettle of fish. Taa taa ta-te taa.
Did you do that too?
J x

joanygee said...

Yes, Joy now you mention it I came across it but memory fails me as to when.
Sayre, singing can be balm to the soul. Hoping you continue to enjoy it.