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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It is just not done...

to write anything negative about parents, particularly mothers. Much happiness to those who have or had delightful, friendly, supportive mothers. As you might guess, mine was nothing like that. The politest epithet I can thin of is to use a dialect phrase and call her an 'owd besom'.

So, to me the people in my life who were the most motherly were my great Aunt and my Aunt. Between them they helped me in countless ways, the main ones being that they never found fault and and always gave encouragement.

Odd as it might seem, some of my friends share similar thoughts about their own maternal analogue.


Sayre said...

Everyone needs someone to fill that role. I was blessed with a wonderful mom. My granddaughter was not - so I try to fill that gap for her. Passing on the love! I'm glad you had your Aunt and Great Aunt!

joanygee said...

Your granddaughter is very fortunate to have such a lovely person (you) to care for her.