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Thursday, 26 February 2015


Here's where I change my mind and tell a bit about some of my ancestors.

The families included a few prominent people, mostly town councillors and businessmen. 

In the little village of Hayfield, Derbyshire you can still find a newsagents.
Hayfield News & Store the village newsagent, covering the villages of Hayfield, Little Hayfield and Birch Vale.
In the late 19th, early 20th century
Luke owned the newsagents
"In his very early boyhood he happened an accident to his leg, which rendered him permanently lame, and prevented him following any laborious employment." 

On Monday, at the District Council meeting, the Chairman (Mr. G. B. Chell) referred to the death of the late Mr. Luke. (1841-1913). 
He said he was one of the oldest and most esteemed public men in Hayfield. They regretted his death, and he moved a vote of condolence with the family. Mr. Osbaldeston seconded the resolution, Mr. Ryan supported, and said Mr. was one of the most worthy residents in the parish. Mr. Moseley added his appreciation. He had known Mr. for 33 or 34 years, and he had always taken a deep interest in public affairs. His death was la great loss to the village” The resolution was carried by the members standing. 

He appears to have been a well-known local character; although handicapped he roamed the area acquiring a wealth of local knowledge. Luke served on the Parish Council and was Secretary of Bethel Chapel.

A newspaper report tells of him helping a party of ramblers from Sheffield. 

13 October 1896 - Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Luke met the Party at the railway station; provided a guide to lead the way across Kinder Fells to help lessen the risk of trespassing. Later that day, the group got thoroughly soaked by the inclement weather; stopping at the Snake Inn for a change of clothes and a hearty meal.

The amusing part of it being that there were not sufficient male 'habiliments'  so one of the group ate his evening meal dressed in women's apparel. 


Joy said...

He sounds quite a character.
J x

joanygee said...

His son was well-known too. Jx