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Friday, 13 February 2015

Personal landmark

I am on a long, long road to recovery. The prognosis is good. This week I went for my post-op assessment at the hospital. At the back of my mind there were numerous 'what if' worries.

Good news, the doctor asked a few questions, then ticked the box on the form that said, Discharged!

It could take up to a year to feel and to be properly better, but...there has been a psychological feels as tho' a weight has been removed.

Therefore, another milestone for today, I went to Tai Chi for the first time since No. 24th 2014.

Drove myself, D obviously thought unless he took me, I wouldn't go. How wrong! I drove for the first time since Nov, and I'm pleased to say, 'all went well'.


Joy said...

So very glad. What good news!
J x

joanygee said...

Isn't it just! Going to and doing Tai Chi, if only for half the time gave me a boost. It will be quite a while before I feel able to do the advanced class; but it is something to work towards. Jx

Sayre said...

Hurray!!!! Ant the tai chi will probably help with recovery as well. Good stuff all around!

joanygee said...

I'm hoping tai chi will help. The advanced class tutor wants me to join in again, but I think it's still a bit early for that.