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Thursday, 2 April 2015

best intentions

We waited all day for the first visit from the District Nurse team but no-one came. That was last week.

Today ought to have been visit #2 but we had no idea fi or when. It was with great relief I opened to door to June, a lovely person.

Having reassured her that being dog owners for some 30+ years we'd keep our canine companions and her separate. 

Then came a nice surprize - the wound from the hip replacement op had healed well, so well that June said it looked more like 6 weeks post-op, not two.

Another surprize - we'd expected to see a raft of staples, but there were none. There were steri-strips that had done the job instead. 

Happy people! No bothering with staple remover.

We chatted about how well the recovering was progressing. I mentioned that we had 3 sets of unused staple removers and would June like them. Also, I showed her a couple of unused large dressings, so she happily took the dressings and scissor-like removers with her. I know dressings, especially hospital ones are dreadfully expensive, so it was good to know they'd be of use to June.

It's been a peculiar few years, with D being x-rayed and treated for osteoarthritis of the knees. He's had injections in both knees and tried all sorts of pain relief. Then, by chance he met a particular surgeon who noticed the problem was not in both knees but in one hip. 

Now it is a fortnight since the successful hip replacement, and the pain has altered totally. No longer the excruciating never rid of pain including referred pain leg-knee-hip. Now it's let's look forward to a much better way of life, free from referred pain, free from 24 hour pain. Counting down to when he can stop using crutches and when he can resume driving again.


Sayre said...

An observant and knowledgeable doctor is a blessing! So glad you and D found one.

Joy said...

So very glad it all went well and the outcome is so positive. :-)
J x