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Thursday, 16 April 2015

What is Truth?

Recently, thro' the good offices of social media, a reconnection was made with someone from schooldays.

Jenny was always fascinated by archaeology, myths and legends. Now, some hm 40+ years later, she's a published author and expert on myths and legends in Lancashire. She pursued her archaeological studies and apparently had a long, successful career as an archaeologist. 

Why write about her?

The reason being that a Lancashire paper has published a story including 'Dick Turpin'. This has upset my friend from an historical standpoint. There is no evidence that the highwayman was ever in that area.

Being a bit of a news story 'magpie' and as TMA avoidance, I looked into the story to find out if there was any truth to be had. Several websites later, some purporting 'authenticity', I turned to newspaper reports of the time, 1739.

What a treasure trove indeed!

The Newcastle Courant 21 April 1739 gives a full account of the trial in York Castle of one Richard Turpin, also known as John Palmer, or Paumer. There you can find not only the details such as him appearing before - 
The Hon. Sir William Chapple, Kt. Judge of the Assize, and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Court of the King's Bench.

The jurors - Calvert, Waddington, Popplewell, Lambert, Wiggin, Wade, Simpson, Smeaton, Thompson, Frank, Boyes and Clerke.

It also states that Turpin for five years past 'robb'd on Epping Forest'.

No connection the Lancashire at all! 

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