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Friday, 1 May 2015

Social media

Chatting this morning with a friend of 40 years, as in we have been friends that long. We began to reminisce about when we worked at the same place. Naming no names, but the place had ended up only scraping 1 star from OF$T£D long after we retired.

Today, I found out the place has been taken out of Local Government remit and as of Feb. 2014 became an 'academy'. This led to me having a look see online to find out more. Suffice it to say, only some half dozen of the present staff are folk I remember.

Next, by following a train of thought, I looked to see if I could find out anything about folk that I remembered. Social media led me to a page about LJB. Since the page is set to 'worldwide' it's freely accessible.

Here she is, and if I might opine - looking older than me, especially as she's 10 years younger.

Take a look at your own privacy settings on social media. Unless you want everything accessible by all and sundry? Might I suggest you alter the settings to make things a tad more private.

Of course, to keep truly private - never ever post anything online.


Joy said...

If she's still teaching I'm not surprised she is looking older! :-)
J x

joanygee said...

She was 'management' didn't get much f2f time. Jx