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Friday, 19 February 2016

Lawks a mercy

Sometimes it does my blood pressure a world of no good to read some of the proliferation of posts on social media.

Blame it on a grammar school and university education. No, I do not expect everyone to write with authority on whatever subject. But, I would like it if people were their own editors and did not willy-nilly share anything and everything. 

I suppose it is my fault for continuing to read a long involved nebulous posting about a particularly serious topic. 

Nor ought I to take much heed of morning 'news' programmes which instead of making appropriate use of in-house political correspondents (London-based) - send a general factotum type wally to stand outside Parliament with a microphone and cameraman.

The other so-called 'news' topic that 'got to me' was this mythological idea that feckless 'millennials'  blame 'baby-boomers' for the world today!

Hooray for Tai Chi and the weekly opportunity to work my way thro' some of the 'old form'. 
Guaranteed relaxation with mindfulness and exercise. Not forgetting the before and after chat in the group.

Only 8 today, must be the 'Half term effect' when grandparents take charge of grandchildren instead of doing Tai Chi. Hopefully, it'll get back to normal next week.

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