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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Shopping took longer then expected

Occasionally, we make a trip to Warrington shopping. Not the mad busy shopping centre but to one of the trading estates followed by a cheaper supermarket.

What a good thing I keep puzzle books in the car to occupy myself. I certainly needed it today. Instead of quick-in and quick-out the time dragged on. No problem as I was busy with my puzzles until I began to feel cold. It was a miserable grey day with rain and gusting winds. Eventually, I gave in and moved to the driver's seat, started the car and began to warm myself up.

When he arrived, it became apparent there'd been ordering difficulties.

The way home was also unusual. There are massive roadworks involving a new interchange, so you never know which routes will be closed and have to be ready for diversions. Having successfully navigated that part we came to a halt not far from home. No vehicles were moving in either direction apart from those turning round to go the opposite way. The long stretch of road between two main junctions had been emptied of traffic. Leaving plenty of room for the fire services and obligatory police presence.

Gone are the days when no matter what happened, the flow of traffic was maintained.

Checking social media, there's no reports of the incident. Hoping the fire & rescue service will post something tomorrow.

We did not have long to wait, the fire was out when we arrived at the queue. 

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