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Thursday, 28 August 2008


Shopping day, today...usually head to Warrington (circular journey). As someone once said 'the best laid plans'

Gridlock all around the Bridge...if you don't know Merseyside/Cheshire you won't know the Bridge!
It is the only crossing place (Mersey) between Widnes n Runcorn.
Traffic volume normally across the Bridge is snail-pace in the rush hour, and heavy 24/7.

Today, roadworks halved the number of lanes heading south from 2 to 1. Knock-on effect! Gridlock throughout Widnes, also along 'Route 7' the main drag into the Pool.

We diverted (15 mile detour) and reached Warrington.

Homeward bound, himself doing the driving, thought traffic might have eased!
No such luck! We became trapped in the traffic jam (half hour with engine off and at a standstill).
Extracted ourselves from the jam; headed away (thankfully). Another detour...
Normally on shopping day we are home about 10.30am. Toady's epic journey found us reaching home about noon.
Memo to self 'stay away from that Bridge' for the next few days.

Roadworks are promised, but not on any traffic info sites!