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Thursday, 28 August 2008

OU student

Been with the OU (Open University) for a number of years.

Following a random journey, studying courses that appeal to me, rather than aiming for a definite goal.

Began with a tech course
You, your computer and the Internet. (now no longer available)

Then decided to do some science, followed by geology.
Joined OUGS OU Geological Soc. Met some lovely people and went on various field trips:
Tenerife, Almería and Iceland

Also places in the UK:
Orkney, Dorset, Durham,Teesdale to name but a few

The OU do some lovely short courses to whet the appetite for study. Last year I did one on digital photography. Hence Flickr photos n groups.

Opted to do archaeology next!


wendishness said...

I think it's great doing those courses, it doesn't matter if you don't have a ultimate goal. Just learning different things I think expands the mind, I love learning.

joangee said...

Then you could look at some too? Freebie ones on Open Learn...