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Friday, 29 August 2008


Bet that's got some folk thinking!
Few stray thoughts crossed my mind n guessed I'd write them down.

Lived thro' the tech revolution, experienced changes when at work. 'They' put a BBC B in my 'care' n to use, even let me pay to attend evening course to find out how to run the d*mned thing!

Reminds me of an old idea that
Policing would seem similar to teaching when...
Police are expected to fund (out of their own pay) the running of vehicles they drive and uniform they wear.

[memo to self 'don't follow that thought trend' You'll annoy yourself and bore others.]

Back to tech

Babylon 5 n the techno mages, idea of tech wires like filigree, filaments coursing thro' veins

My OH n tech! computer Luddite (named himself)
However, being an engineering minded guy...knows all about the innards of puters, refuses to 'work one' tho'

Calls my puter place 'the black hole' (speaking in a derogatory manner)

Yet, is the first to want online ebilling,
warranty registration of purchases n searches done for him!


Now, three laptops later n similar number of towers not mentioning peripherals; spending time online has become 'second-nature'

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