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Saturday, 15 November 2008

not in this universe

chatting to a long, long time friend of many, many moons.
Sisters we ought to have been,we are only one's and sisters by choice.
(You can choose your friends...)
I needed a chat to share/mull over recent happenings. We are always 'there' for each other.
Explaining the events of the past week, nurse and doctor appointments and BP measurements. Mulling over the possibilities, laughter is the best medicine, let 'them' do their tests and see if there is an underlying problem.
Nurse recorded BP systolic 150s+ and 160s+ plus, doctor tested left arm 160+ and then right arm 190+ oops!
Hence I've got two appts on Monday morning both at the same hospital. An ECG and blood tests.
Did a 'dry run' to find how long it'd take to get there and where the place is.

Two days to take action (preventative measures). Decaf coffee!
Not in this universe...a reference to me often confusing the medics, and their readings, what's the norm for others is rarely norm for me...

More rotten news, god-daughter is in hospital. {{{hugs}}}}
Hope she' better soon.
Curiously, the way I found out was online!

Luckily she has web access, so I can keep in touch.

My hospital visit went better than expected, but taking bloods is always problematic. The people at the Sir A Jones Memorial hospital were friendly and professional. Hardly any bruising to speak of, tho' it was a struggle to get enough in the vial.

Even went for ECG an hour early so didn't need to wait. How good was that! Result of ECG no worries. taking printout with me to appt with doc on Friday.

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