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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

not so good

Had appt for BP check, but it kept on registering as 'high'. asked the nurse if the 'collar' was too tight, cos that's how it felt; but she kept on trying without changing it size or position on my arm.
High BP noted on records and appt made for Friday pm to see doctor.
At least I get to see a doc for once!
Nurse commented it had been a long while since last appt with doc! Told her of the discouraging tactics used by reception staff which prevented me seeing doc on several occasions.
Spent about an hour with nurse; discussion ranging over many topics. Reminisced about previous doctors back in the 1980s 1990s and what the practice was like in those days. Went on to compare with now and remembered previous doctors. One always used hospital referrals as much as possible. Nurse said that had kept the secretary very busy (1980s).
Reminded me of how grateful I'd been to that doctor, as he'd sent me to have my voice problems diagnosed.
This led to years of speech therapy with the chief speech therapist at the hospital; who 'worked wonders' with my voice preventing further damage and possible loss of voice.
Over the years, we became friends and often chatted about her daughter. Just before I was discharged I learnt the therapist had developed breast cancer.
that's a sad memory, I feared the worst, but no way of knowing cos lost contact.

Wonder what Friday will bring?
I need to have a test for Raynauds syndrome and probably blood tests. Talked to the nurse about the last time when the bloods were taken at the local centre. I had to wear sleeved garments to hide massive bruising.

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