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Saturday, 8 November 2008


Deeper red roses have almost velvet-like textured petals. Their buds are deepest red.

Roses are my favourite flowers, no matter whether they are shrub, climber, patio or rambler.
Talking on Plurk about roses, it seemed a good idea to blog and post some pix. Especially as when I did Digital Photography (OU short course)
I found that I'd taken more pix of roses than anything else.

I prefer them to be scented, rather than showy; the heady perfume of roses on a balmy Summer evening is bliss.

This particular rose changes colour as it develops from bud to full-blown.


john.g. said...

Beautiful! We love roses, some are 40 years old!

joangee said...

Thanx John, am so pleased to find someone who loves roses.