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Monday, 5 April 2010

Fun Monday's topic - Brolly, gamp umbrella

Just a few names for one item that’s this week’s show and tell’...

“Once again and with pleasure I am the host for this coming Monday April 5.
As April is quiet a moody month here in Belgium, I thought about asking you:

Do you use an umbrella against the rain or too much sunshine? Even if you don't you certainly have at least one in your house I suppose. Take a picture and show us the one or ones you use (or not)”

A big Thank You to Gattina for coming to the rescue with her FUN ‘Fun Monday’.


“Any umbrella, any umbrella “sang Dick Van Dyke (chimney sweep) in ‘Mary Poppins...

For ‘any’ read ‘many’ in my collection; they’re a bit like handbags and shoes, after a while a collection builds up. Almost as tho’ one on its’ own would be lonely!

When I see one that’s appealing because of its pattern, shape, features or cause I just ‘have’ to buy one.

Hence my collection includes

Sunflowers umbrella from the “Calendar Girls” a stage play and film about an extraordinary group of housewives...who produced a 'naughty' but nice calendar to sell in aid of charity.

It took off as they say...and is now a film and stage play.

I saw the play in Manchester and it was brilliantly funny.

Then there’s my ‘Open University’ one I bought because I study with the OU.

Some are too worn to merit a photograph and ‘live’ in the car behind one of the seats. Yes, two ‘live’ there.

With our wonderful English weather it’s always useful to have a brolly’.

Another resides in our caravan in Cornwall.

At the start I mentioned ‘gamp’ perhaps some will know where the word comes from, but it may be unknown by others.

Charles Dickens' character Sarah Gamp from “Martin Chuzzlewit” carried a large umbrella; so, colloquially, a ‘gamp’ is an umbrella.


Faye said...

Oh, I loved Calendar Girls! Saw it in first run theater and then rented DVD also. What a great group of gutsy ladies. "Brolly" I knew, but "gamp" is new to me. Thanks for expanding my English vocabulary!

Jan n Jer said...

Well today I just learned two new words for Umbrella...that is why its so nice to have blogging buddies in different parts of this big beautiful world we live in. I love your sunflower Brolly...very pretty and I bet it does a great job keeping you dry. Thanks for sharing and happy FM

Sayre said...

Oh, I LOVE that sunflower one!!! After visiting other blogs, I realize that my umbrella choices are quite dull, apart from the handles which I think are rather fun.

Gattina said...

You know I also live in a country with the same wonderful weather, lol ! In Belgium too umbrella manufacturies are not going bankrupcy ! It's a pity you didn't take a picture especially of the worn out once. I am surprised what nice stories came up with this simple question, lol !

joangee said...

Thank you all for visiting and posting your lovely comments.
I too enjoy reading and learning new things from our International Fun Monday journals.

Long may we continue...

Pamela said...

I enjoyed the movie Calendar Girls. I'd forgotten about the umbrella. I'd need a BIG one anymore.

Out in the garage somewhere is a clear umbrella with a red edge that the grand kids love to play with when they come to visit.

Jan said...

Wow, you have a lot of umbrellas. I've afraid the photo's didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

That umbrella is so cute. I loved the movie 'Calendar Girls', but have yet to see the stage production.
I'll bet all eyes are on you when it's raining.

joangee said...

Jan are you sure you can't see the pix? They are in the sidebar not the main blog.
I saw the original cast in the stage play with Lynda Bellingham. Now there's a different set of actors and I doubt I'd want to go and see their production.

I got the sunflower one to give to someone as a present. Then I had to get another for myself LOL