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Monday, 12 April 2010

Fun Monday aka wash-day

Jan said
Everyone has laundry. Where do you do yours? Show us your Laundry room, or where you go to get those clothes clean! Photos, please.

Thank you to for setting this week's topic.

Took several shots with rather less success than I'd hoped...
Treated myself to a new washer no too long ago...
It is as the saying goes 'all singing' all dancing...

Complete with display panels, it also plays a tune when it finishes and shuts off automatically after that.

Living in what can be a damp, rainy and cold climate a tumble dryer is a 'must'.
I argue that there's less damage when a tumble dryer is used, both for people and to buildings than putting washing along radiators to dry.
It's April, and only in the past few days have I been able to use my outdoor washing lines.

As you might tell from the photo, my tumble dryer 'lives' in the workshop. Mustn't call it a garage as it's his 'boy's toys' place. (grin)


Jan n Jer said...

Nice washer n dryer you have there. The front load washers are all the rage these days. They do a great job of getting the clothes clean. When my present washer goes up...I will most likely purchase a font load. Thanks for sharing and happy FM

joangee said...

Happy Fun Monday to you too! Many thanks for dropping by. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

Jan said...

Thanks for joining in, today. Front load washer and dryers are fairly recent, here in the US. Would you like to host FM for next week?

EastCoastLife said...

I live in a tropical country where it's sunshine all year round, so I have no need for a dryer.

I don't have space for a laundry room but I want to plan for one after seeing those on this meme.