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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Late joining in Fun monday but...

"My question is, what do you drink in the morning, coffee, milk, tea, or something else ? and in what do you drink ? A cup or a mug or a bowl ?
Please show us a picture !"
Gattina set the topic

Just a few...

My morning cuppa has to be coffee! Haven't been a tea drinker for many a year. First became regular coffee drinker at school (sixth form) and continued throughout college days.
For reasons I won't go into here, tea drinking is associated in my mind with funerals and nasty acciden

Now to take pix of coffee cups/mugs something of which I have quite a collection.

The 'usual' cuppa coffee and glass of fruit juice to wake me up in the morning.

A recent addition and a favourite...


Sayre said...

Well, that stinks. Tea is a lovely drink, but if it's associated with such unhappy things, I can see why you might not want to start your day with it.

Thanks for the hosting offer for May 10th. I shall take you up on it! And I'll list you on my sidebar.

Jan n Jer said...

I like your collection of coffee mugs. My mornings also start with coffee...I do like tea also but drink it in the afternoons sometimes.

joangee said...

If I drink 'tea' it has to be fruit flavoured or herbal. I particularly like camomile and honey. Used to help me thro' the day when I was at work. Good thing about those teas is they taste just as good hot or cold.

Thanks for stopping by.

Debs said...

You have cool mugs. I ADORE your Harry Potter. So cool!!!