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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In hiatus between courses

I've finally started to investigate my family history.
Unfortunately, most guides recommend asking your family...but, no can do. So, time to resort to online research but not from the giant of the industry but a UK company.
So far I'm interested in people and the places where they lived.
Faint memories from long ago tell me my family hale from Lancashire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire, with perhaps a link to Ireland?
Lancashire - Chipping
Derbyshire - the Dark Peak
Yorkshire - Almondbury, West Riding near Huddersfield
The latter stirs up a memory from 1960 when 'family' from Huddersfield arrived en masse to claim property, goods because someone had died. I was too young to appreciate what was going on and in those days no-one kept children 'in the loop'.

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