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Friday, 4 May 2012

Missing the point?

Missing the point my old dear? 
"Nick Clegg insists his party will "continue to play our role" in the coalition. Speaking outside his London home a short time ago, he said: "I am really sad that so many colleagues and friends, Liberal Democrat councillors... have lost their seats. It's not an easy job and it can't be done overnight..."
You have done it over the last 2 years! Propping up Tories as they are the scourge of pensioners, disable people... Go figure!

Yes, I feel a tad sorry for local councillor who has been unseated after many years. Local council is now 100% labour party with no-one to leaven the lump or attempt to talk any common-sense.
After some 30 years, the local shopping area is being re-developed.

At least for the time being some of the trees survive.

This is all that remains of a Junior/Infant school...
Site to be redeveloped as?
A bus terminal...

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