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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Feb 1920

From the 'Burnley news'
The Clitheroe Castle and Grounds have been offered to the Corporation for £9,500 and a meeting of ratepayers is to be held next Wednesday evening to consider the question of purchasing the property as a War Memorial.
 Reading on a month later...
They had raised £8000.


The newspaper report now says they were aiming at £15,000.

Mill workers agreed to contribute a minimum of 5 shillings per member for the next 8 weeks.

The Castle and its grounds became the town's war memorial, originally for WWI and later for WWII, and finally for all servicemen.

Look across from the Castle to another prominence, and you find it surmounted by the Parish Church.

No wonder the town has streets named Castle St. Castle Gate, Parson Lane, Church St. and Church Brow.

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That's a lovely photo!
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