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Monday, 8 June 2015

News - no, broad-sweeping generalisations

Chatting online, as you do, a subject came up that I decided to muse about.

Technology and the over 60s.

Thinking back to the 1980s when computers strayed out of the geek world and into everyday life. 

1985 the ubiquitous Microsoft launched its Windows operating system.

In school it was the Science Dept. that began to explore the new toys, at home.

the BBC B made its way into schools, in 'penny numbers'. There was one in the stockroom - must have been 1980-81 as I went to Ormskirk for weekly 'training'.

What a laborious process, so much effort, so little achieved. It was the start of modelling using computers.

This was where you might say that Geography was ahead of the game.
One name springs to mind -

In the mid 1970s, Pete Daniels (author) and tutor in St. Kaths' Geography Dept. introduced students to the 'world' of geographical modelling.

1990s the beginning of the www World Wide Web.

The Dept. charged with learning and then instructing schoolchildren in the use of computers was Commerce. The reasoning being they used typewriters anyway.

Mrs. Fitz. and Mrs. B. did a magnificent job of coping with various models and styles of computers throughout the 1990s. 

Other depts. were allocated one computer each! It fell to me to store one in the stockroom. Oh the distractions caused by lending the dratted machine out and storing it again. 

But, that was nothing compared to the disruptions when the classroom had the back of the room equipped with computers, monitors and ONE printer. In a dept. of 11 staff, there was only 'yours truly' with any tech knowledge!

Dear Auntie Beeb

I beg to differ when you opine about the 'problem' of older folk being unable / unwilling to use tech...there's lots of us that can and do use it very well!

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Joy said...

Well said, Joan, well said!

J (an over 60) x