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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Silver surfing?

There's a site called 'Silversurfers' which is most nostalgic. 

Below is one of the pix they shared.

The games folk played, memories from the 1950s.

Top right - hopscotch, played many times - all that was needed was chalk for the grid and something to throw on the designated square. I always wondered where some folk got the huge lumps of chalk from to draw the grid.

Middle row left - lads played footie, girls played rounders.

Everyone played leap-frog. Yes, lads played conkers, but so did girls from time to time.

Two-ball - any wall would do, or maybe a door! Staring with two balls (tennis balls) we tried adding extras, 3-ball was common.

Definitely an active childhood at any given opportunity. 

Grammar school did not have a 'playground', but it had several acres of grounds. Providing we were allowed to walk on the grass, we'd walk throughout the lunchtimes. Usually we walked around the outskirts of the hockey pitches. We must have walked miles in our lunch hour, chatting as we went. The only area out of bounds to everyone except sixth form was the 'quarry' a small disused grassed-over former quarry.

Those as they say were the days.

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